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Some radio appearances

Recently we have appered on two radio shows: Radio Panic 105.4FM, Brussels (a track by Riasni Drova) and Inshyj Zvuk at Tysa FM (a track by Riasni Drova Consort).


Live in Uzhgorod, self-release

Here’s one more fruit off the summer 2011 visit to Uzhgorod – live performance at “Silverland” gallery, Uzhgorod (available for free download from bandcamp). You can also check the earlier self-release documenting the other side of this trip – Live at Tysa FM.

RDC share their Live at Tysa FM

This summer RDC have been shipped to Uzhgorod on a kind invitation of Mykhaylo Fedor and Cublo Art Center. One of the fruits of this trip is the live performance at Tysa FM’s studio while being interviewed for Jazz FM #48 (self-released and available for free download from Bandcamp).