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Years of Care

New release of old mono recordings on Bandcamp. Chorales, fantasias and romps with Taras Fedirko.


Two (long overdue) archival releases for this fall from the Riasni Drova camp

The label that was interested in Green Ray District as a split side went to sleep about a year ago. This short album includes another episode of our JJNilesploitation series and comes in an anatomical mix specifically for the prying ears for whom bathing in atmospherics is the last thing on their minds.

And straight from the obskuryatnik comes the second one, this time from Riasni Drova Consort: Famiglie, intere specie di bagagli. Similar story: the friendly label that cared for this album went into anabiosis as far back as 2010. Andrij thinks that “sub-Incus avant rednecks” sums up the music here very well; this was maybe the last session when we felt fine and happy doing something of this sort. Soon afterwards we became preoccupied with quite different flows.

Riasni Drova / Moglæss – The Sun Smelled Sour Cream

Riasni Drova / Moglæss - The Sun Smelled Sour Cream

A new split self-release is out via Free Music Archive. Excavated from recordings made in 2010. The Riasni Drova side is angry and single-minded, clearly aiming to encircle and swallow anything that might come its way so that it can become something even larger. The Moglass side, with its two slabs of rough priestly melon dub, does not look for anything else to apply its forces and desires to, as it feels itself to be already as large as an aircraft carrier. Cover art by Andrij Orel.

Uninhibited Bronze Age Passion

Uninhibited Bronze Age Passion

After seven months of hibernation the Riasni Drova duo returns with a new album of freeform ballads about work and love. No physical release this time, pure Bandcamp and FMA.

Yellow Grass Dam

Our archival self-release stream quietly trickles on. “Yellow Grass Dam” is a new free release on Riasni Drova Consort’s bandcamp. It sums up our 2010 joys and concerns pretty decisively. Like the “Berezhene” CD-R, but with better butter.

Two-year-old Consort: In Fields Where Fishbones Lay

In Fields Where Fishbones Lay” is an album of recordings made two years ago, in May of 2010. This extract of the “early” Consort is available now for free download from bandcamp.